I really find playing iPad games entertaining specially when I want to lost some times waiting for someone or just relaxing. Now if you have newly acquired your first iPad, 1st generation or the iPad 2 you should install it with games that you will surely love to play so I decided to list some of the games I personally played and really find it entertaining.

All of the thumbnails or images used on this post are all from iTunes Store. You can click on the thumbnail for a larger screen shot of the game.

Here are the top 10 iPad games that you should not miss. It is not order in terms of awesomeness or cost but in order of my preferences and chronological order that I played the game.

  1. Angry Birds HD – Every iPad , iPhone or iPod users knows about this smashing and amazing catapult game. I first played it on iPhone and later downloaded the HD version of Angry Birds for bigger revenge adventure against the pigs that hurt the birds. It costs me about $0.99 for iPhone and about $4.99 for iPad on iTune Store and later downloaded several version of it such as the Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds RIO.
  2. Plant vs Zombies HD ThumbnailPlant vs. Zombies HD – I just love this one. It is a strategy addictive game that only requires you to protect your ‘brains’ from the attacking zombies through the use of your plants on your lawn. Its graphically simply but very enticing.  It will cost you about $6.99 from iTunes but it is worth a buy. I even blog about Plant vs. Zombies tips and tricks to share some stuff on playing the game.
  3. Dungeon Hunter 1 & 2 HD – If you like adventures, quests and action field game then Dungeon Hunter is for you. I like this game much ‘coz it likes the other PC games that I played back in the days that I am addicted playing PC games. It got a crispy graphics that can match my favorite PC games and the story line is amazing. I have spend couple of nights with my coffee playing it. It will cost you about $4.99 for Dungeon Hunter I and $6.99 for Dungeon Hunter II which I recommended that you get it after you finish playing with the first part of the game.
  4. Real Racing HD – I first played this game with a friend with an iPad too. Its a racing game and what is nice about this game is its easy to play and you can race and compete with your other iPad buds connecting through Wifi network. It is like real racing indeed! $6.99 is the cost of this racing game and it is really worth your penny specially when you are racing against your best iPad buds over Wifi.
  5. Eternal Legacy HD – I just played it once but I didn’t continue playing it. Not because I don’t like it but because I am not done playing with Dungeon Hunted 1 yet. But its like a Final Fantasy on iPad which is an adventure game that battles monsters and got a quest to complete. It got an impressive 3D graphics. Its an RPG that can really cost you $4.99 but you won’t regret buying it.
  6. Shrek Karting HDShrek Kart HD – It is the favorite racing game by my son. Its a racing game featuring the popular animated franchise of all time, SHREK. Its fun and also capable of racing or competing against your iPad friends via Wifi or Bluetooth. $4.99 is the iTunes price of this racing game. Another thing about the game is its colorful race tracks with great characters on their karts from the ginger bread man to Puss on boots and even Shrek’s wife.
  7. NBA Jam HD – I have played several basketball games on iPhone but I really find this one as funny and entertaining iPad basketball game. It got a real big head NBA players where you can play 2 on 2 games against popular NBA players. The dunk is outrageous but it will really make you enjoy your $4.99 purchase of the game. Its your favorite NBA players on their great stunts inside the court. A really entertaining basketball arcade for every NBA fans out there.
  8. Spider Man Total Mayhem HDSpider-Man: Total Mayhem – This is my first purchase on iTunes Store. It cost me about $6.99 but I enjoy it and finish the whole game. Now, my son is playing it and really enjoy every single stages of the Spider-Man game. I just love Spider-Man and this is the reason why I decided to purchase it immediately. It got amazing graphics and the spider humor is present. Of course your favorite villains are present from the Sand man to dark spider-man like villain, Venom.
  9. Tetris HD – Its my wife’s classic favorite. She’s playing it whenever she is bored at night while waiting for me finish my online activities. It cost  more than my other games I purchased which is about $7.99 and if you’re in my shoes will you disagree on getting when your wife asks for it? 🙂 It got several great levels to play with and its Tetris baby in full HD graphics that you never imagine for such game. Recently she got problem opening the apps but after I reinstalled it, its back and his Tetris quest continues.
  10. Scrabble for iPad – I didn’t download this one but my son did. He likes playing scrabble and since his favorite subject is English this will be very helpful with his spelling skills. Its $7.99! Right its quite expensive but what can I say its my son that will benefit it and at the same time I can find time playing Scrabble with him or with my wife. A real educational and entertaining board game in iPad and take note its HD.
How about you guys? What are the iPad games that you can recommend for us to download and play? Give us your reviews or recommended iPad 1 or 2 games by leaving your comments below. I will approve your recommendation or comments  as soon as I verified your comments and find it very helpful. – kentips.com