One of the tasks that sometimes is really difficult specially if it is done manually is preparing an expense report that is intended to be submitted to managers, accountants and / or executives. But with the availability of technology today, the trouble of preparing it and submission process is cut down into easy steps. That’s why mobile internet access is very useful with this kind of setup. Expense management is much easier and convenient both for the employees and the management through the use of expense reporting software that can be subscribed on a very light and rewarding.

Imagine this, paper receipts can be scanned and immediately send to a cloud server where users can easily retrieve it later and use for preparing expense report. Then, managers, accountants and executives can easily receive these reports through just simply tap of the keyboard and click of the mouse. The reimbursement and auditing process will be much faster compared to manual steps. Aside from that, it can be done by them anywhere they are, even they are on a business travel or somewhere having seminars or conferences outside the country as long as there is internet access.

Expense Report SoftwareOne of the best company that caters to such kind of service is the, a travel and expense management software company that provides expense management system from individual to enterprise level. The advantage of this setup provided by Certify is that it provides less expenses on the technical side of the system such as maintaining a server or hiring people to back-up and develop system for them. Certify provides access to users and save their data to a cloud server where less or zero maintenance is required for the end-users.

The application software of Certify is available in different platforms and employees with iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones or Windows 7 phones can easily use it with convenience of the user interface.

You can visit Certify at for more information about their services. They provide 30-day free trial for you to check out their system first before committing to any subscription. If you’re serious with your business then you should improve your system and track your expenses easily with this Certify technology!