This time, it’s not going to be the Los Angeles 1 Win with 2 lost record! This is going to be about Andrew Bynum and his troubles outside the ring, specifically in the free way. I don’t know if this is faith, but it sure is affecting Bynum pretty hard. There has been this big news lately about him having some troubles with the cops on the free way because of him driving without a license plate together with the illegally tinted tail lights. That was just the beginning! I don’t know if you like this guy and or you know him, but “he” being that popular didn’t help him at all! He drove off with a fix ticket and that’s it!

Andrew BynumThe Los Angeles Lakers still can’t move on what seems to be a not so good opening pre-season game for them!  They lost twice and that they only had a one victory with a total of three games in a week. And that’s not all! I think the one that is totally affecting them is Kobe Bryant’s wrist injury that kind of made the team all stressed out especially now that they don’t have Shaquille and all the other players they had before! For sure, Bynum felt the pressure and that it’s the one thing that made him drove his car with or without knowing the violations!

If you think that this Los Angeles Laker’s star learned his lessons, let me just say that he’s not! That was but the beginning of what’s going to happen next! We have here Bynum who got caught again together with his Porsche 911 car going over 80 mph on the free way. This was actually not a record for him! He got some really good record on the free way last year driving his Ferrari on the free way going over 110 mph.

Actually, this is not that shocking! The only shocking thing here is that everyone was hoping and wishing that they could have been that fast during their games in the court. This sure is something that made everyone a little bit surprised, or maybe not! Whatever you guys call him, he sure is and will definitely going to continue doing what he loves most! And that is to play basketball. Otherwise, he won’t be able to pay the ticket’s fee he received.