Actually, this news is somehow not given that much importance than the Chris Paul trade case! All the NBA Commissioner including the fans are but giving much of an attention to whether Chris Paul here is actually going to team up with Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant and or the Los Angeles Clippers team! This might be the first time that you would actually hear some news regarding Orlando Magic’s center Chris Howard who was told to be a free agent just like Chris! Right now, this is going to be kind of different than of Paul! It seems to be that his former team Orlando Magic have decided that they’ll its much better to keep Dwight Howard in the team than trading him off to some first NBA picks.

Dwight HowardThis is actually a shock for the NBA player fans which of course all knew that Dwight here opted last July for free Agency! Right now, the new CEO for the magic Alex Martins seems to be not ready of what might be some big offers to Dwight! The thing is, Alex here is just new to the position and that he is still in shock of the surprised resignation of former CEO Bob Vander Weide. It seems to me that he’s still trying to figure out things and somewhat prioritize the important things before he gets down to the business! He also added that he’s just looking for a positive outcome in all of this and that hoping that he can work things out on Dwight Howard convincing him to stay to the team “Orlando Magic”.

For all of you who still don’t know are, the offer of the trade was that, Dwight will be replaced by two first pickers in the NBA draft Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon. Let’s now forget about the trade for it’s not going to happen today! Let’s go to what Dwight Howard here thinks about the said offer. We got a statement coming from the NBA star Dwight Howard and that he said that, “He just wants to make sure that they are having a considerable fact of understanding here about the championship. He said that he wants change and that if the Orlando team are willing to take risk on that change then they have nothing to talk about! He said that he’s with them all the way”.

This is great news for NBA Fans of Dwight Howard! But right now, they’re still working on it officially and that they might release a official statement with regards to it any time soon.