You all know this guy as the cocky WBC Title Holder with a record of 42 wins with zero defeats! He’s the guy who also made some significant runs in jail because of some domestic violence including assaults! All of it started way back in the year 2002 up until now! But right now, it seems that the Floyd Mayweather Jr. here finally ran out of luck which puts him into a plead case deal of sending his 90 days in prison including a 100 hours of community service plus the $2,500 fine. I know that his might and seems to be a mixture of good news and bad news for all.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manager Leonard EllerbeThe thing is, there’s this upcoming fight comes May5th, 2012 between him and the pound for pound boxer of the Philippines Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao which is by far the biggest fight he together with his general manager, Mr. Leonard Ellerbe are looking forward to. But because of the said event it might and or could actually suspended.

I know what you guys feel! This is a bad news for those who wanted to see the most anticipated fight between these two! But this on the other hand is a good news for his ex-girlfriend who got assaulted by the boxer in front of their kids. Right now, there have been no released statements and what so ever with regards to whether Mayweather here will continue the fight. They are keeping a close mouth about this and is said to be releasing an official letter on whether they are willing to go ahead with the fight comes May next year.

Some facts you have t know about is, Mayweather’s lawyer, Karen Wincler is trying to do something about the said 90 days jail time. She’s trying to have a complimentary resolution to it which will make it less and or will bring the boxer into some legal agreement that will put him outside the jail in no time.

This is actually the reason why they can’t release any statements yet about the upcoming fight. I mean, I don’t know if Mayweather planned this all out! But I’m pretty sure that this is a good news for all. This is but the right time to actually put the cocky boxer into realizing that he’s not that rich to actually escape justice and that he in no reasons or what so ever should pay for it!

Right now, all you have to do is to wait whether the said fight will push through or not!If you think about it, Mayweather here would actually be freed in jail a month before the fight… This is actually a good news! Now,it all depends on whether he’s scared or not to face Manny Pacquiao in the ring. I’m just saying.