Steve Jobs, the famous inventor of Apple’s versions of iPad, died last year after suffering from terminal cancer. Steve Jobs’ popularity in the world is non-stoppable and even if he is already dead, his face is still remembered by most of the people in the world, especially those who are using his inventions.

However, a recent report says that Apple is said to file a lawsuit against the makers of the seemingly realistic Steve Jobs doll. This 12-inch doll made by the Chinese company Inicons is said to be more realistic compared to any other statue or figurine made in the likeness of the late Steve Jobs. As you can see, the action figure also has the trademark clothes of Jobs and the “One More Thing” backdrop. If it is just a little bigger, you can probably say that it is actually for real.

Based on the defense of the owner of Inicons, Tandy Cheung, they got the idea of making this doll because he believes that “The best way to remember Steve Jobs is to make an action figure of him.” however, since he did not get any permission from Apple to use the late tech executives likeness, Apple has reportedly threatened the Inicons with legal action.

The Chinese manufacturer of the action figure of Jobs believed to have received a letter from Apple calling what it did as a criminal offense because the Inicons doll said to have violated the Right of Publicity or personality rights, which is a law that protects the image, voice, and other aspects of a person’s identity unless they have permission to do so. But the company seems to have not stopped from their production of the dolls and Cheung even said that “Apple can do anything alike. I will not stop, we already started production.”