Are you also wondering on how would it feel like when you are working as a Facebook employee and your boss is actually the famous Mark Zuckerberg? Here’s a confession from one of the employee’s of Facebook when he reveals to you how it feels like to work for the famous Zuckerberg.

It was expected that a little later this year, Facebook is already expected to IPO at a valuation close to $100 billion. That’s already a lot of money and it is just possible because of the growing and even increasing users of Facebook. But we also know that we couldn’t have enjoyed logging in to this social networking site without the brilliant mind of Mark Zuckerberg, the 27-year old co-founder and CEO and the man behind the success of Facebook.

So what do you think it is like when working for him? We have gathered and compiled answers from the employees working for him and Facebook over the years. Some say that Zuckerberg is the boss who is cut-throat, comfortable leading others, and sometimes awkward about sharing success. But that was a long time ago, when Facebook just started in Harvard and wasn’t even known to the world yet. But right now, one of his employees, Yishan Wong, said that nothing really has changed and that he is still the encouraging boss they have known.

“If your confidence in your own abilities is self-generated and emotionally secure, and you are seeking someone who will pose to you ever-greater challenges to surmount, then Mark Zuckerberg is a pretty good fit for you. However, he is not there to ‘develop’ you – that’s your own job.” Wong said.

As expected, there are plenty of people who are comfortable working with Zuckerberg while others also claim that it is quite difficult. He is being characterized as “tough but fair”. He is not a pain in the ass to work with if you are the type of person who is looking to achieve greater and greater things in life, but if you just want to get something good done once and then take a break, then he is probably not the guy for you.

I guess that settles our query of what kind of boss Mark Zuckerberg really is.