The CES or the International Consumer Electronics Show is a major technology-related trade show in the United States which is held every year but is not opened for public viewing. This kind of shows basically hosts preview of products and new product announcements.

In the recently held 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the one that catches the attention of the TV viewers is the part wherein the major manufacturer and network showcased their new 4G LTE Hardware.

I guess it’s time we say goodbye to the opposed 3.5G speeds of HSPA+ because they are now opening new grounds for the long-term Evolution which means true 4G wireless connection speeds. The fastest growing number of internet users all over the world also increases the demand of high speeds so as promised, many networks are already using 4G speeds who are actually using HSPA+ and are now promoting 4G LTE devices specifically to distinguish them from the earlier 4G ones. The faster, the better.

I know you are all excited to use this kind of speed-up technology but sad to say, the 4G LTE speeds are not yet available in all areas, and each network varies in how far their LTE coverage extends. However, the launching of their respective 4G LTE done by different manufacturers during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was a success. We just hope that their promise will be lifted up sooner.