I have introduced to you a few days before the “ultrabooks” as the newest invention of Intel and this much thinner and much lighter laptops are considered to be the much-hyped category for this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, the most recent gadget that people from all around the globe are looking forward to have.

The International Consumer Electronics Show is an annual showcase for the latest smartphones, tablet computers and other consumer-electronic devices and this is where you can get to see the latest features or developments of the gadgets of the huge companies of the world.

Intel Corp thought of the idea of creating this term so that they could push the PC makers to their highest potential of making laptops that are more like Apple’s Macbook Air and at the same time help them market them or introduce them to the public. In the show, the PC maker is only given one chance of showing at least one ultrabook so that others could also get equal chances. Thus, they must choose the best ultrabook that they have made and the rest will just follow.

In the meantime, Hewlett-Packard Co. seems to be making extra effort and competes in all other PC Makers as they presented their own ultrabook, dubbed as the HP Envy 14 Spectre. The HP model has few features that set it apart from the rest of the ultrabooks. Why? Because unlike the other ultrabooks, HP’s Envy is said to have included a sensor for Near-Field Communications, the radio standard used by security cards and so-called “Smart Tags”, which are actually small chips with flat, stamp-sized radio antennas. So what’s the purpose of this, anyway? It only means that through this smart-tag feature, you will be able to read information from NFC tags and upcoming smartphone models when they’re bumped against the laptop. Say for example, a promotional flyer might include a tag with a special Web address that appears on-screen when touched to the laptop. Cool, isn’t it? just check it out as soon as it comes out!