John Lackey's DivorceThe one that we are talking about here is none other than the pitcher from Boston Red Sox, John Lackey who seems to be having a hard time both in his career as a pitcher together with his role as a loving husband to his wife Krista. I know for a fact that most of you are having a hard time trying to figure out the real deal about this guy and that’s why is he somewhat deteriorating and not having a great game this season. This is going to be difficult to swallow so be ready!

There’s this fact that John Lackey have been somewhat stressed out thinking of a lot of stuff other than his baseball career! He’s got this divorce process going on that seems to be sucking out all of his energy for the game. The thing is, his soon to be ex-wife Krista has breast cancer and that He thinks that this is the best time to work on the divorce process which I think is the worst time ever! Some think that this is somewhat rude and that it’s not a good thing to do! I say, it’s better to act now than never. This might actually what John is also thinking right now. The said divorce paper we were filed August last year and that it was finalized end of January.

There’s a good and a bad thing about this. The bad thing is that Krista should and would actually feel bad about this and that it might not help her on her way to recovery with her breast cancer. And by the way, Krista here have had undergone two back to back mastectomy and chemotherapy last March and June last year. Good thing this couple already had this planned out with their prenup which gives them less of an effort to be on the same page with the said setup. They said the reason for such divorce is said to be “conflict of personalities”.