Kyrie Irving Winning mvp in the rising stars challengeWho said that Jeremy Lin is the only one who the NBA fans will have to watch this season and are in the upcoming games in the NBA? Well, let me tell you that He might have had some big moments in his first 6 to 7 games this season in the NBA, but there are also guys who’ve shown such power, drive, talent and skills like no other that definitely out shined and out ranked NBA star Jeremy Lin here! I don’t know if you are going to believe this or not, but the Rising Stars Challenge held in Orlando, Florida yesterday February 24, 2012.

Right now, the one that’s making a big noise and getting all that fame is none other than, the 20 year old Cleveland Calier player Kyrie Irving! This guy has been the one that have had set the mood of the game! Let me remind you that he is a point guard that stands 6’3″ and an excellent long range shooter! Why did he win? Well, apart from his excellent display of aerial tricks including some amazing assists and alley-oop in the game, young Irving here had a perfect 8 for 8 in the arc and scored a total of 34 points in the game that lead the win against Team Shaq with the score of 146-133.

By the way, you are probably thinking who the other talented young NBA players were there, then let me inform you that there’s Paul George, John Wall from the Wizards, Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson, Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio, Knicks Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin and a whole lot more! This is a fully packed promising star! The game was hot and very entertaining and it sure made the crowd proud! Well, apart from Kyrie Irving winning the MVP crown, it also made him be recognized worldwide. I bet that this is going to be the start of a different and tough NBA game for him.