Lebron JamesLebron James is getting a lot of both positive and negative reactions from people, including his teammates and fans of the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers! I did write something about Lebron’s comment when He got asked about his plans in the future on whether or not he will be coming back to his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers! He said yes and then added that, “hopefully the fans will accept me”. As you can see, he is referring to the Cleveland fans who now seems to have had set their eyes on a different guy which is the Clevelands no. 1 pick, Kyrie Irving after his trade. So, does James here have plans in coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers any time sooner? That’s what you people will have to know!

Right now, let me tell you that this comment of his have had made the entire nation, including those of the Cavaliers fans and his Miami Heat fans and teammates a little bit puzzled here! They don’t know if Lebron James is quitting the team after this season and or will he continue and finish the 2 years remaining contract he have in the Heat’s. Let James be the one to justify all that! Well, according to Lebron James He only answered the question truthfully and that He’s not making this big of an issue for right now, his main agenda is to play the game with his team, the Heat and win this season!

You got that right! Lebron James is staying and that He has no plans in going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers any time sooner! He was but honest in answering the question about the possibilities of him going back in the Cavaliers and that He didn’t know that it will translate and be defined to something negative like that. Right now, He will still be playing as a Heat member and said to have had a mindset in helping this team win them some title!