West All Star 2012This is probably one of the most exciting events of this season! I bet that all of you guys are waiting to hear the lucky and skilled NBA players who will get to play in this highly anticipated battle between the East and the West! Who and where, I just can’t wait! For all we know, this is quite a show and that the guys or the players who will get to play here are the best of the best and known for their performance and NBA stats in the whole league of the basketball competition! Right now, the NBA officials have finally announced those of the five starting players of both the East and the West!

Let me inform you that the said announcement was made Thursday night and that the said All Star competition is going to be held at the Amway Center, Colorado this coming February 26, 2012. Right now, let me give you the names who will be presenting the first five for the Eastern Conference. Those people are none other than Guard Derrick Rose ofthe Chicago Bulls averaging 23.1 PPG, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat averaging 20.3 PPG, Lebron James also from the Miami Heat with an average of 29.7 PPG, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic averaging 23.7 & 20.1 PPG. This is a tough East All Star Games 2012team as you can see it! But of course, there’s no way that the Western team will let thess guys win the conference that easy! We have here the leading vote getter of the West, none other than Kobe Bryant who has an injured wrist but is able to still lead his team, we also have here Guard Chris Paul with a 19.2 PPG, Kevin Durant with a 26.6 PPG, Blake Griffin with a 21.6 PPG and Andrew Bynum with a 16.5 PPG.

Right after the announcement of the first five players for both the East and the West team, it seems like the guys whose names on the list we’re starting to get heated up! They are happy and is said that they will be giving you guys at home a game you will never forget! That’s it folks! Stay tuned for more of the inside info on the All Star Event right here!