Looks like Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra did a really great part in encouraging his team members because of their very wonderful performance in their game against the Trail Blazers. Even before, Spoelstra already said to LeBron James that he might be needing a “Magic Johnson Type” of night from him when they play the game.

LeBron James, however, did a pretty great job when he scored a total of 38 points in the entire four quarters. He also grabbed 11 rebounds, and added six assists and five steals, helping Miami Heat to win against the Trazil Blazers with the score of 107-93. The game happened in Portland tonight and the Miami Heat fans were really delighted for a night of victory.

This game against the Blazers was the ninth straight win of Heat. Aside from James, other star players of Heat such as Dwayne Wade also contributed a lot for their team. Wade added 33 points and 10 assists for the team in their first game since the All-Star break. But tonight’s game was really focused on how James played. In fact, coach Spoelstra even said that he approached James at shoot around, saying he needed a little bit of everything from his star player.

He told James this statement: “We need a Magic Johnson-type not necessarily performance, but awareness.” Adding that the player really took the challenge seriously and obviously performed greatly well.