You have probably heard about the recent complains of cellphone users regarding AT&T’s slowing down “unlimited” services and it bothered the company a lot as they try to make arrangements for this problem. We have featured in this website before the problem and now, AT&T is giving out a solution by offering to discuss a settlement or an agreement with am iPhone user who won small-claims case that alleged the company for their slowing down his “unlimited” data service.

In a letter issued last Friday, it was indicated there that a law firm retained by AT&T Inc. is said to be threatening to shut off Matthew Spaccarelli’s phone services if he does not agree to settle arrangements with the company. AT&T is only asking a little portion of his time to talk with them on how to resolve his problem with the company.

There are about 17 million subscribers that uses AT&T services, especially the “unlimited” plans services, but it has started to slow down services to users who have hit certain traffic thresholds over the past few years of being with them. Spaccarelli is said to have maintained at his Feb. 24 small-claims hearing that AT&T broke its promise to provide “unlimited” service, and the judge agreed.

AT&T said that they are going to terminate the service given to Spaccarelli, but the iPhone user said that he doesn’t care because what is important to him right now is to defeat AT&T in court. We’ll just see what happens to both Spaccarelli and the company.