Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey played really well in this year’s season of the basketball league and all their efforts and hard work really paid off as the two of them became one of the major reasons why Kansas was included in the Final Four.

Even if Jeff Withey had plenty of bloody noses and bruises after being wacked by flying elbows a couple of times inside the court, still, he did not mind the pain because it brought so much fulfillment and achievement on his part when their team was already included in the Final Four, ready for Jared Sullinger and Ohio State on Saturday night. Aside from Withey, Thomas Robinson also made his part by giving courtesy to his teammate. The tandem of the two has pushed each other to get better for the entire season, and all those rough-and-bad moments during their practices were finally paid off.

It’s going to be a fun matchup. Throughout the year we’ve played against some really good big men,” Robinson said on his interview last Thursday right after the game. “It’s definitely going to be a challenge.” They testified that they really doubled their effort during this season’s practice just to reach their goal.

“At the beginning of the year, it was tough for me to get into the zone,” Withey said, “but as we have been playing more I’ve been able to get more aggressive.” The rise of the two players is also the rise of Kansas this season, and their team is much more important to them. Just try to check out if they will be able to make it on the Finals.