Mike Smith did everything that he could to make his team proud, and he achieved his goal and sent the Phoenix Coyotes into the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was unlikely for Coyotes to reach the second round, but believe it or not, they did it, and it is all because of Mike Smith’s help.

The 6-foot- 4,218 pound frame blocking all the access goal has proved to everybody that he can take the team up to the final round. Smith all-in-all made 39 saves, making Coyotes finish off the Chicago Blackhawks 4-0 on Monday night to in the series in six games.

“You know what? Smitty was unbelievable and thankfully he’s on our team. It was a good way to win,” Coyotes captain Shane Doan said. He released this statement after finally reaching the second round of the 16th NHL season. It was a dream come true for the team, especially for him as the coach because there is more pressure given to him more than anyone else.

Even since they moved from Winnipeg to Phoenix for the 1996-97 season up to the franchise’s last opening series victory came in 1987, the time when the team was still called the Jets, they revealed that they have never captured a first-round playoff series, so moving on up to the second round was really a great achievement for them.

Doan exclaimed his happiness by saying: “It’s a relief because you just want to get a chance to do something in the playoffs. Everyone always talks about if you get out of the first round, anything can happen.”