The upcoming Eastern Conference Finals is going to be the venue for the early encounter between Miami Heat and Chicago and they could meet again in Game 1. Other sports experts think that this is a good idea because it will allow the tension between two teams to cool down. The race for the No. 1 seed in the East is still going strong after the game filled with shoves and takedowns.

Two of the great players of Heat, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James, both did their best in every game that they had on this year’s season. LeBron James had a great record of 27 points and 1 rebounds while Dwayne Wade scored 18 points contributed to Miami, making the team tighten their race in the East by beating the Bulls with the score of 83-72 on their game on Thursday night.

It was a tough game but still, Miami Heat managed to win the game with 5-point advantage. “This is what the postseason is all about,” James said. “Both teams struggling to score offensively, and defensively, two very good defensive teams. It’s a possession game. That’s what happens in the postseason. The game slows down. Not many fast-break points. You’ve got to work for every attempt, work for every shot.”

This is how LeBron James sees every game that he plays and this principle in life helped him to win and do his best in every game. He also wants those aspiring to become great players do and remember.