Being the newest trend in technology and among high-tech gadgets nowadays, there are a lot of imitations coming out in the market of the latest iPhone models and many people are being cheated on it.

The most recent issue is all about the hundreds of beer bottles containing iPhones found in China just lately. The border patrol offered in China got a surprise recently when they inspected a cart filled with beer bottles entering the country from Hong Kong. It was found out that some of the bottles were transported by an elderly woman who stated that they were recycling them. The beer bottles were noticeably heavier than the usual so this made the officials suspect that something isn’t right and decided to open them. Inside each bottle, they found three brand new iPhones, can you imagine that. That’s definitely a lot of money once it comes out in the market.

The officers have found out that the bottles were cut in half and taped back together after having the phones, 216 in all to be exact, placed inside, quite clever, isn’t it? the phones were individually wrapped in plastic and then they were covered with a black cloth in hopes of further disguising the,, but it can no longer be hidden that long. All told, police recovered about 76 bottles packed with Apple’s iPhone and iPhone 4S devices, the ones who ate best selling these days. The officials have confiscated them and the people involved are filed with charges.