The obsession to iPhones or iPads are really getting into the nerves of the parents as their children are demanding them to buy one for them, and most of these kids are teenagers. Once you have an iPad, you are definitely “in” or famous in your schools, that is why you can’t blame these teenagers if they will really do anything just to get one, even if it means risking their own health.

One report that really shocked the entire Chinese community is about a Chinese teenager who sold his kidney in order to buy iPhone and iPad. When one teenager sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPhone and an iPad, the authorities were alarmed and they have indicted five people in Central China due to being involved in illegal organ trading. The issue here is not the illegal organ trading because it is already obsolete, but the fact that one teenager is willing to risk his own life just to b able to have an iPad and iPhone is really quite disturbing.

The case has prompted an outpouring of concern that not enough is being done to guard against the negative impact of increasing consumerism in Chinese society, particularly among young people who have grown up with more creature comforts than the generations before them. So what can we do about this issue? The authorities must really catch all that is involved in this illegal matter before they can give a lot of promising offers to these teenagers.

Furthermore, the prosecutors in the city of Chenzhou charged the suspects of illegal organ trading with intentional injury for organizing the removal and transplant of a kidney from a 17-year old high school student surnamed Wang, the official Xinhua News Agency on Friday.