In the recently held NCAA finals, it was a game between two great teams: Kentucky and Kansas. John Calipari, the man behind that great sweeping game in the court, was very proud of his team because of the received victory.

Despite of the tough night experienced by the best of Kentucky’s talented freshmen, Anthony Davis, the Wildcats defeated Kansas with scores 67-59 on their game on Monday night, resulting for them to win their eighth national title, and first since 1998. It was definitely the pride of Calipari to make his team win this season’s NCAA title.

“What I am hoping is there are six first-rounders on this team”, Calipari said. “I’m fine with that. That’s why I’ve got to get recruiting on Friday.” He said while mentioning the names of the players that graduated this year and are going to be replaced and will no longer play for the next season. Those who won’t be part of the team anymore and he could be looking to replace are: Doron Lamd, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrence Jones, and Davis who might have had the most dominating six-point night in the history of college basketball.

“I love the fact that Anthony Davis goes 1 for 10, and you all say he was biggest factor of game,” Calipari added. “He was 1 for 10. I asked these guys what they would do without scoring. You have an idea what he does.”

Over the next few weeks, Davis is expected to give his immediate decision on whether he will return to college or head to NBA, where he will probably be the top pick. As for Kentucky, we will see their performances on next season of NCAA.