Los Angeles Kings won over Vancouver Canucks as one of the team’s best player made a fortunate bounce for their most recent game.

Dustin Penner, one of the best players of Kings, scored a winning goal with exactly 3:14 left  for the remaining playtime during the third quarter. Penner was supposed to help Los Angeles Kings to beat the top seeded Vancouver Canucks 4-2 opener of their Western Conference quarterfinal that is scheduled to happen on Wednesday.

With only three games left for this regular season and after entering the season despite the fact that they are considered the clear underdog, still, Los Angeles managed to secure a playoff berth for the entire season, most especially during their recent playoffs where Penner had actually gone the last nine games of the regulars season without a goal, but still managed to score.

Dustin Penner said that it was nice to score, “Just any goal actually”. He said, “You can’t get frustrated. I wasn’t so much worried about us getting frustrated so much as letting one slip away, and we got a fortunate bounce on my goal. But we worked hard for 60 minutes tonight and it worked out for us.”

Based on how Penner said that statement on his interview, he is pretty confident that their team is going to give extra effort to one in every game remaining for them to play. We’ll see about that!