Smartphones are considered to be one of the hottest gadgets in the world, and also considered to be Apple’s chief competitor. However, despite of being well-known to the world, no one can identify if who is the developer or maker of Smartphones.

For all we know, Samsung is Apple’s greatest competitor and it only gives vague indications of how many it makes, which means that the industry watchers come up widely diverging estimates. Right now, Apple Inc. reports that its iPhone sales are going down to the thousands, while the growing market of Samsung smartphones is increasing in weeks.

For only a matter of a two-month period, from January to March, it shipped 35,064,000 while South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. may have sold 32 million, 37.5 million or 44.5 million, depending which analyst you believe. Can you imagine how fast it became popular into the world? It is probably because of the Android software of the smartphones that makes it more likable. But we are not yet sure because the company itself refuses to say the exact amount of their sales from January to March. This only proves that they are really trying to make their sales secret, maybe one of their good and effective strategies against their competitors.

Meanwhile, what’s at stake, of course, are bragging rights. More accurate sales figures from Samsung would also one useful to their competitors and to their partners like wireless carriers and retailers. Samsung hasn’t reported any hard sales figures in a long time, so analysts are applying these vague hints to their own estimates, making almost every people, most especially their competitors, to wonder hard.