Are you still using the messy paper works for your expense reportsĀ in your business? Do you always missed a lot of receipts during your official business travel and forget about it and cause you more hassles during reimbursements? Well, you should upgrade your system and embrace the new technology to empower your company or your rising empire to a better future and hassle-free operations using the latest technology in expense report management.

Free expense reportThat’s right! Report for your business and travel related expenses should be stored digitally in such a way that you can access it anytime and in a speed that a busy person like you. What is great with this technology is its availability and its price. It is available in different platform you can think of and its everywhere on the cyberspace. You don’t need a high-end equipment and a database-guy to handle your information. It is in the “cloud” which mean it is stored in a high-tech facility on the web where experts is handling it for you.

The question now is where you can get travel expenses system and how much? You can get it from different providers such as Certify, Concur, Expensify and a lot more. How much? These providers usually got free trials but one of them,, to be specific, provides a total free expense management system for individual users through their latest apps on your mobile phones, android, apple or windows platform gadgets.

You might be asking, its free but what’s the catch? No, nothing! It simply an amazing technology shared by the company to improve individual issues on managing their works during their busy lives. However, if the scale of your business started to require much greater coverage and larger solution then you should invest their Enterprise edition which surely covers the critical points of your business from travel bookings, reimbursements, accounting, analysis and auditing, and expense report preparations.

Yes! This is a big decision for you but if you can’t still can’t decide to take a leap on these technology to your company, you can always try it by engaging to the free trial version of the software which can be found on their website at

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Now, where to download free expense report management software for your business? Actually, some of these system doesn’t require you to download anything but instead you are require to have at least an operating internet connection for your PC and with a browser. All of the system is in the cloud which mean that it is stored in a remote server where you can access online. However, there’s a downloadable apps for mobile phones which you can download through