Allen Iverson vs WifeAfter that appearance in the Philadelphia 76ers game just lat week, it seems like Allen Iverson here can’t seem to find some time off with all the controversies that’s happening in his life right now. He’s like the only player in the NBA today who’s actually worried getting his ex-wife to jail rather than worrying on practice and their upcoming match in the Eastern Conference 2012. For some of you who still haven’t known, Iverson here was excluded to the playoffs this year after getting into some serious toruble with his racist mouth and his expired thousand dollars car.

Well, what happened in the NBA during the Philadelphia 76ers match against the Miami Heat was something very emotional and that it moved Iverson to tears seeing people and his team still supporting him after his verbal assault on the police officer who clearly put him into his right place. But now, I’m not going to talk about not just that. This is about Iverson and his exwife Tawanna.

What happen here is that Allen Iverson is appealing to the court to actually put a restraining order to his wife Tawanna Iverson on entering the premises of his home, plus the return of all the stuff and goods she had stolen in the NBA Star home. Allen Iverson claims here that Tawanna infiltrated his home while He was out of the country and is on his Asian tour when his ex-wife barged in and took all of his stuff, including all of his memorabilias and the other stuff He needs and is worth something. Now, Iverson wants the goods back before or after they put her to jail.