Denver Nuggets Winning Game 5 against the Lakers TeamAs what I always tell you, you just never know what’s going to happen next! And with the Los Angeles Lakers trying to grab the win against the Denver Nuggets in the Game 5 with the best of 4 game, the Nuggets seem to have regained and were actually able to out run and prevent the Lakers team from winning their first game in the Western Conference that easy! The Nuggets team won the game 102-99 despite of Kobe Bryants efforts in the 3 & 4th quarter hitting amazing and consecutive 3 point shots which made it a close game!

This was like the Nuggets game and that they were but lucky that Kobe Bryant here who is so in the zone when it comes to hitting 3 point shots actually missed the 3 point shot that would make them win their first game against the Nuggets and that the Nuggets team were but so lucky that He missed. But that’s not all that seems to be pretty much odd with the Lakers team. It also seems that they are way off their usual game not able to dominate the paint, not to mention that they have two 7 footers in the starting line up of the game.

If you think that that’s all there is why the NBA Lakers team didn’t won the Game 5, let me tell you that there’s a lot more that came from! What I’m talking about here is the  bench scoring which I and most of the sports analysts are looking at and believe is one of the many factors and key are in winning a game is the one that the Lakers team fell short with and that it was the Nuggets who dominated it 50-19.