Dwayne Wade Is Back On the Game And Wins Game 4 Against the PacersDwayne Wade is back after that frustrating game 4 against the Indiana Pacers where they trail 2-1. And right now, He’s like backin his normal game averaging more than 20 points per game and that He and the Miami Heat’s coach Erick Spoelstra are actally in good terms now putting that dramatic confrontation they had in the game 4 in the past. And to tell you the truth, the head’s coach seem to want to not talk about it anymore which is the right thing to do. And as for Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, he said some interesting facts about players who’s like having a bad day in the court which is normal for everybody, including that of NBA stars like him.

For some who were like thinking that the conrontation between Dwayne Wade and his coach Erick Spoelstra was like scripted and just a drama to make the semi-final rounds more drawing. Let me tell you that it’s not and that it’s 100% real. Going back, the Miami Heat were able to get the win in this Game 4 putting Miami Heat back to the chase and that making this Eastern Conference semi-finals rounds between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers more intense. This is like different from the Western Conference where the San Antonio Spurs including the Oklahoma City Thunder were like not having a hard time winning the game.

It was the joint force and effort of Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade and Lebron James who scored a total of 70 points including their rebound, assists and fast break that trailed them with a 9 point lead 101-93 against the Pacers team. Now, they are going for the Game 5 of the semi-finals and that it’s where one of them will have to take the advantage to have that feel of safety and a possible win to qualify in the final round of the 2012 NBA Conference. These two teams sure are head to head when it comes to playing basketball! But this time around, their heart and determination to win is what’s going to matter most.