Prior to the big fight, Pacquiao vs. Bradley, HBO produces several documentary series that will give us a view of rare footage showing a deeper angle of how the boxers, Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley faces the preparations and challenges of the upcoming welterweight championship match. One of the video was the 24/7 Road to Pacquiao vs. Bradley that aired last week, May 19.

Today, the first episode the Emmy award winning sports documentary series debuted its first episode, that is, the HBO 24/7 Pacquiao vs. Bradley series which aired May 26 at 9:30-10pm ET/PT on HBO. If you missed that show, you can watch the said episode below. Now if you have any reactions, feedback or comments about the fight, the docu series, the fighters and among others, just leave the comments below. By the way, you need to sign-up an account to leave a comment. Have a nice day and enjoy the video below!