Heat Defeats Pacer's Team With 32  Points DifferenceYou just never know what’s going to happen next! And that is a clear representation of what these guys in the Miami Heat can do now that they are up against a strong team in the Semi-Finals of the NBA 2012 Eastern Conference. If you have seen the game 4 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, you would actually come to terms with the fact that one of the Heat’s front man, Dwayne Wade is having some sort of a psychological break down and that we all thought that He won’t be able to get pass this emotional stage of his basketball life.

I don’t know if this had happened to some of the basketball stars from before and today, but le me tell you that when this happens, it’s like the end of the world or a start of a new world without basketball. But then there cam a big surprise that shocked not only the Miami Fans, but also his coach and the team they are up against, the Indiana Pacers when they get to meet again in Game 5 where the Miami Heat won 115-83.

This is like a tough score to beat! It’s just that, they never saw it coming and that the Indiana Pacers were expecting less of a performance from Dwayne Wade after that Game 4. But then, it’s like Dwayne Wade came backto his normal state and worked hand in hand and with much improved shooting in Game 5 that made the win. Now, the Heat leads the Eastern Conference 3-2 with a chance to finally end the semi-finals against the Pacers if they win this upcoming Game 6 in Indianapolis, Pacers home court.