Manny Pacquiao Against Barrack Obama's Gay Rights Revealed!It was like a massive brain storming right after a news report aired in the city of Los Angeles when the Pound for Pound Champion of the world made such racist comment about the President Barrack Obama’s stance on Gay Marriage. I feel the guy, but it just went a littlle too much that it went as far as cancelling a might have been one on one interview with Mario Lopez in a television show called Extra after getting banned in The Grove, Los Angeles.

I heard that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is so in a fouldmood when it comes to people, not to mention Obama who’s like making the biggest decision of his life granting the third sex for marriage. It was just yesterday when the said explosive interview happened amd that it was with the National Conservative Examiner. For your information, it was not of Manny Pacquiao’s own word and that He just presented a verse in the bible that tells that gays should be put to death. It wasn’t necessarily like that, but it’s more or less what the verse is trying to relay.

If you’re thinking what verse in the bible Manny mentioned, it was in the book of Leviticus 20:13 where gays is told to be put to death. Here’s the amazing news! Even though Manny here made almost all of the people in Los Angeles pissed off, there were some who still want to see him and that they were all waiting right outside his gym.