The weigh-in results for the Ring Kings boxing event featuring Mayweather vs. Cotto in the main card is now out. Floyd Mayweather Jr. weigh much lighter than Cotto with 151 pounds while the latter weighs exactly the maximum allowed weight which is 154 pounds. Floyd do his “villain” act while Cotto during the staredown remains stoic despite the pressure that Mayweather seems pressing on him while chewing his gums.

Here’s the replay of the said official weigh-in for you to witness everything:

Here are other results of the event: Alvarez weighs 154 lbs while Mosley is a half a pound overweight with 154.5 lbs which made the “old man” to run and loose the over pounds. Meanwhile for Vargas vs. Forbes, both men weighs perfectly with 146 lbs and 146.5 lbs. Latimore vs. Quintana too got the required agreed weight with 154.5 pounds and 154 pounds respectively.

Now, are you ready to rumble? Its couple of hours and you will definitely see Mayweather vs. Cotto boxing on the ring. I am so freakin’ excited already! How about you, will you watch this?