Miami Heat Losing Game 3 Because Of Dwayne Wade!I don’t know what is really going on with Dwayne Wade during their Game 3 against the Indiana Pacers, not to mention that He too has this seemingly bulgar confrontation with the Miami Heat’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra which everyone in the arena were not expecting and that they were cheering up because they know that this might actually be a good sign for their Indiana Pacers team and that they were actually right. The Miami Heat lost the game against the Indiana Pacers Game 3 with a score of 94-75.

This is like the worst game ever! I just don’t know what’s wrong with Dwayne Wade here. Its like he’s not in his usual self and that during the 1st quarter of the gae, you could actually see him struggling and contesting the shots missing 3 out of his 5 attempts. On the other hand, the Indiana Pacers team headed by Davide West, Danny Granger, Paul George, Roy Hibbert and George Hill made such collective effort to balance the team and that to make Dwayne Wade work hard to make a shot.

On the other hand, as the Pacers team were able to compose themselves and be able to balance thei team, it was the Miami Heat who were lacking the tempo and that they were literally breaking apart. But then there’s Mario Chalmers of the Heat who’s made a massive 25 points in the game together with Lebron James who had 22 while Dwayne Wade making a scene as He tries to throw his some verbal attack on their coach Erick Spoelstra.