miami heat wins against the new york knicks 2012 nba playoffsLet’s just say that even though the New York Knicks has Carmelo Anthoney on their team, they can’t seem to be of the same level as this team who I believe is one of the best and one of the many strong teams you will have to watch out in the 2012 NBA Playoff Games! To tell you the truth, finding out that the Heat will get to fight with the Knicks on their first game in the 2012 Playoff games, I was like there’s no way that the Knicks could even grab a win against the Heat who literally has the full packed player they need to win! Not to mention that the Heat were but so close on winning the NBA Finals last season.

Going back, let me tell you that the Game 5 between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks were but still not of a close fight! You can tell it by their final score which is 94-106 where the Heat got the massive 12 points lead against the Knicks who clearly added the fact that they are a no match for this team. The fact that the Heat’s three tower players played well makes this game 5 a no brainer for all! Lebron James scored 29 points together with his 8 rebounds while Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wad are tied with a 19 points each.

If you were able to watch this game 5 between the Miami Heat and the new York Knicks, you will get to notice the sportmanship that Lebron and Carmelo Anthony had after the game. It was Lebron who wrapped his arm around Carmelo Anthony right after the buzzer ending the 4th quarter of the game. Lebron said that they will make sure to celebrate tonight, but will absolutely go straight to some serious training for the Indiana the next morning.