Junior Seau Brain DonationThe case whether or not NFL’s Junior Seaus brain will be donated to some institute for further studies is again closed and that the family representative has now officially announced that they will be donating the brain but is not sure whether or not it’s going to be the Sports Legacy Institute, the Boston University or the Brain Injury Research Institute! That we still don’t know, but they’ve already released a statement that it’s official and that they are doing it to help other in the NFL.

For some of you who doesn’t know the NFL legend, let me just give you a preview. Junior Seau here is a 43 year old veteran who played NFL for more than 20 years. He’s like this major fan of the game and that He’s actually good at it landing him a spot in the San Diego Chargers back in the year 1990. He then got traded o the Miami Dolphins in the year 2003 but then was able to come back to the San Diego Chargers in the year 2006 where He then retired year 2011 and was put in the San Diego Chargers Hall of fame.

Right now, both his family and his friends are pushing and trying to inform people, most especially the possible side effects of the said game to Seus life. They are saying that Seuhere have suffered a major effect in the brain and that it was the one that pushed him to commit suicide and shoot his self in the chest.