Oklahoma Wins Against the Lakers Semi-Finals RoundThe Thunder has a good starting semi-final rounds after defeating the Lakers scoring 199-90. Imagine the Thunder contesting the basket against a Team who have been champions more than ones, the young team Thunder still manage to get through Lakers despite the fact the Lakers are full of veteran and well experienced players like Kobe Bryant and the rest of his team. But with the collected effort of Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant the Thunder’s manage to get their first win against the Lakers. And this game was the opening game of the Western Conference semi-finals. And to tell you the truth. it was quite a blast. The Oklahoma City Thunders was able to get a 15 pont lead during the halftime and when it came to the third quarter with a 2 blitz filled and some outstanding 3 points and a little bit of dunks they made it hard for the Lakers to catch up giving theire team a good lead as it goes to the final quarter and ended with the score of 119-90 in favor of the Thunder.

But looking at the stat of each team who wouldve think that lakers will lose to a definite younger team? As what I have already said, the Lakers line up are full of experienced players. The Lakers team have gone through many Championship match compare to the Thunder but the fact that the OKC potentially talented guys, not to mention Kevin Durant have been more like a force that the Lakers seem to be having troubles reckoning with.

You can say that everything can happen when it comes on NBA. The big question now is how would this lost affect the Lakers, would this be result on their contues loosing streak or rather this would only heaten up the lakers and end the outhrow the Thunder on the season. Their upcoming games will surely hit the top list, lets see how will the Lakers respond on their lost against the Thunder and will the Thunder will be able to continue a winning streak.