Orlando Magic's Fired Head Coach Gundy Because Of Dwight HowardOrlando Magic will be waliking a new path as Van Gundy will be no more. There are many speculation as of why or what are the reason Van Gundy got fired. The most heard gossip is that Dwight Howard was the main reason for Van Gundy’s goodbye on the team. It was reported that Dwight Howard wished for Vand Gundy’s termination in exchange for his long realation with the magic. Simply saying Dwight Howard would stay in the and Van Gundy will be fired. But Dwight Howard kept denying it, he kept saying that he has nothing to do with the firing of Van Gundy. Some speculation says that Van Gundy got fired because he was not able to lead the Magic to have a shot at the Championship and some think that Van Gundy came up short on managing the team well.

Well as far as Dwight Howard is concerned he has nothing to do with the firing of Van Gundy and at the mean time he is currently focusing on back surgery rehabilitation and thinking of a fast recovery so that he could get back to the track and get a fresh start with the team and with a new coach.

Believe it or not, this issue between Orlando Magic and their ex-coach Van Gundy is what Howard wanted in the first place. And right now, let me tell you that He got what He wants and that Dwight here might actually be looking for a long term contract with the Orlando Magic and that it’s all because of their new coach that they will be replacing on behalf of Van Gundy. Right now, there’s now Gundy here has not yet released any statements about the said issue. But we are hoping and expecting that He will be releasing a statement about what He really feels about it, including his issues with NBA star Dwight Howard.