Philadelphia 76ers Defeats Boston Celtics In Game 6 and Will Be Playing Game 7The Philedelpia 76ers deafeated the Boston Celtics with the score of 82 – 75 in favor of the 76ers which resulted game 7 of the western conference. Celtics fans was hoping for the early win and not wanting to go to game 7 but for the 76ers the game is still on. The succes of the 76ers was because of their early point advantage during the third quarter. At first it started only as a for point lead for the 76ers then Williams made it to 11 points lead when the time left was 7:15 which made it hard for the Celtics to chase and resulted in their lose. Eventhough its a make of break game for the 76ers they didnt show any sign of giving up Ofcourse even if Allen Iverson is not on the action he showed his support for his team by declaring a win even though the game has not been started. Which made 76ers line up Turner, Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams incrase their moral and giving their team a good contirbution which resulted to their succes of the 76ers.

The problem with the Celtics is that it seems that Kevin Garnet is the only one who can manage to get points. If things go as the 76ers wanted it to be, it would be bad for the Celtics for game 7 would be the last game Celtics would be playing and the 76ers will be the last team that they would be able to face during this conference. Celtics should better come up a new strategy in facing up the fierce 76ers on game 7. Game 7 would be full of surprises and nerve wrecking moves coming from our favorite players it would be a much awaited game.

Now that they are tied in the game, this upcoming Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers Game 7 in the Western Conference Semis will be the deciding game to find out who’s going to the Finals of the NBA 2012 Western bracket.