San Antonio Spurs Wins Game 1 of Western Final Conference Against ThunderThe point different for the game opener of the Western Final Conference between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder was 3 points making the Spurs take the first win for the best of 7 game for the final conference. Can you believe that?! This is actually one of the most shocking, not to mention most thrilling ball game I have ever watched this year 2012! There’s no doubt that these two teams are so into wanting to win it! But as we and you all know, only one of them can be the West’s representative. And right now, the San Antonio Spurs are that much closer in getting into that NBA 2012 Finals between the East and the West.

These two teams, the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunders showed quite a game during the semi-finals fighting to get into the finale. And if you still haven’t noticed, these two teams, espcially the San Antonio Spurs made like a winning streak earning them a ticket for the Western Finals closing all their games without any defeats. On the other hand, the Oklahoma City Thunders are but the same with the Spurs, but have had a couple of games where they’ve lost with just one digit.

Did I told you that there were quite some surprising players that changed the course of the game apart from the Spurs coach of course who insisted that they play nasty. The one I’m talking about here is Manu Ginobili and that HE made a 26 point career high this season plus some great and amazing plays where they’ve penetrated the post.