Serena Williams RappingSerena Williams is known all over the world as a good tennis player, and during the peek of her career he even became the worlds no. 1 proffesional tennis player. She was ranked no 1 in singles by the Women’s Tennis Association on July 8,2002 and because of this she even became the very first tennis player who won $35 million cash prize. Serena WIlliams is known with her good playing style, she tends to get control of early rallies with a very powerful serve. She is also a good baseline player which gives her opponent a really hard time.

And now after reaching the top on her tennis career, Serena Williams will enter the world of music. And now she will be releasing her first album and guess what, its a rap song entitled the rap game. this will be her debut album so its kinda interesting andĀ intriguingĀ at the same time! I honestly feel as if this is kinda like one of those things an athlete like herself do in her past time! But this time around, it’s like somewhat a taste of what we are about to see in the future! I bet that if people will love this track of hers, Serena here might actually be going to pursue music when she retires in tennis!

I know that this kind of like the shocking news ever! Who would’ve thought that a tennis player like herself could sing! And not just sing but rap’s too! According to some sources, Serena here was able to do such track just last year with the help of her close friends who owns a studio at Floria called B Major Music Group owned by her good friend Baltimore Ravens. I don’t know what you guys feel about this! But if you were to ask the experts, this track of hers is actually good and there might actually be a business out there for her!