Miami Heat Dwayne WadeIf you ever have a single doubt on whether or not the Miami Heat deserves to be in the Eastern Finals, then this might actually be that one proof you need to say, the Heat are so in the zone right no! And to tell you the truth, the Miami Heat just keeps on getting better and better! I believe that this is more like the peak of their game and that their coach Erik Spoelstra is behind it all the way.

For some of you who’s like thinking that this game 1 between the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat Eastern Finals is just because of luck that the Heat’s have, let me tell it straight to you that it’s not! The thing about this first game is that, people including sports analysts say that whoever wins first is abruptly and calculatedly wins the whole thing. That of course is according to experience and what had happened in the past in the NBA. And right now, this could actually be a good sign that the Heat’s will sure beat the Boston Celtics in the upcoming Game 2of the Eastern Finals in the NBA 2012.

For some of you who still has doubts about the real power that the Heat has, just look at the difference when it comes to the points and their scoring both in and outside the phase. Not to mention the front man’s of the Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James who made the Boston Celtics their bi**h! But according to the Heat’s coach, their team weren’t able to play like the usual and that they need to improve and go a step higher to secure their spot on the upcoming East vs. West NBA 2012 Finals.