The Miami Heat Wins the Game 1 of the NBA 2012 Semi-Finals Against the Indiana Pacers TeamFor all NBA fans out there, do you know thats its already the semi finals, and i think its a good start for the Miami Heat for they scored 1-0 versus the Indiana Pacers. Leading the Heat was Wade and ofcourse Lebron James who is crouned as the best player in the 2012 NBA series, and well James is living on the expextations. When bosh took the bench seet on the second half everyone thought that it would be the end, Bosh was benched because of his strained abdominal muscle and because of this The pacers took the lead so many times but they find it hard to silence the Miami heat. Then suddenly in the second half Wade and James did a good job by shooting some baskets and taking the lead giving the Heat a final score of 95-86. Wade and James showed a very good performance.

Miami Heat is showing a good mood in their first game but everyone had a question on their mind whether their forward Chris Bosh would be able to play on the next game. But still many are excited on what will James and Wade show on the next game and would this be the first championship for Lebron James.

And by the way, let me just tell you first hand that when they’ve started the first game of the semi-finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, it was the Indiana who’s like leading a nine points ball game. But then when they hit the second quarter of the game, the Miami Heat just went full blast and that the tables sudden turned and that it wasn’t the Pacers ball game anymore but the Heats. ┬áBelieve it or not, the Miami Heat played without Chris Bosh and won! This proves something! It’s either the Pacers is a no match for them, or this might actually be just their strategy.