Oklahoma City Thunder Wins Game 5 Against the Los Angeles LakersToday’s year is 2012! But this is no ordinary year for the NBA, nor to the teams who’s now qualified in the Western and Eastern Final Conference. There’s no doubt that these teams in the NBA were put to such drastic and pressured games with the shortened season, plus a more difficult and somewhat preessured ball game in which they were given less time to relax and that more time and fast phase game schedule. To tell you the truth, they just don’t have any choice and that they will just have to fit themselves and make sure they win their upcoming games. And that they did, especially the team’s who’s now on the Eastern and Western Final Conference game.

What I said above is one of the most obvious things that’s making the team including the player pretty much off and having difficulties with. And right now, the team who’s like won NBA championship is not going to be participating in the NBA finals for they were beaten badly by the mighty Oklahoma team putting an end on what might actually be a possible Game 6 if the Lakers have won the Game 5 which they didn’t.

To give you a preview of what had happened, let me just tell you that it was the Big Three of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant were the one’s who’s ended the game with a 16 points advantage 106-90. The game that the Thunder played is not just about defense, but also offense! They played well on both and that the front man of the Los Angeles Lakers were not able to do anything about it. Kobe of the Lakers team is sure frustrated, but He just can’t do anything about it now.