The fans of Tiger Woods gave the idea to the Masters Champion to put up a news conference for facebook after he was fielded with questions before his next tournament comes. Instead of having a news conference before this week’s Wells Fargo championship game, Tiger Woods patiently and willingly answered 19 questions on Monday in a 15-minute video posted on his website by his fans. Most of the questions were submitted through either Facebook or Twitter.

The social networking sites really play an important role among famous persons in the world such as celebrities, directors, artists, and now, even most-renowned athletes. However, there are times when it is not all positive comments that they could expect from the fans and haters, just like what happened on Woods after trying to answer all those questions.

The timing of his decision was weird. Woods is coming off his worst performance ever in the recent updates of the Masters, a tie for 40th in which he finished 15 shots behind and was roundly criticized for kicking his 9-iron in disgust after a poor tee shot on the pas-3 16th hole in the second round. In the past, Woods usually speak to the media before every tournament, but right now, it was quite different. He said that starting today, he will not speak to the reporters until his first round Thursday at Quail Hollow. However, many got really surprised when he started giving out information to his fans on the social networking sites. What is his plan regarding this?