I’m one of the fans of Manny Pacquiao and despite this, I don’t hate his opponents. I even follow their tracks and records right after their clash with my idol. And one of the of the most interesting fighter that I really love to see fight is Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico. Why? Well despite his defeat against the Pacman, he still continues and redeem himself by winning championship fight and stealing belts from undefeated fighters like the title from Yuri Foreman. And now he will be fighting against the undefeated boxer from America which happened to be the most dream fighter to fight against Manny Pacquiao. I am referring to the controversial and not so likable (in the country, I don’t know in other countries) Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I don’t like how Floyd bad mouth Manny but I still want to see him fight for I believe that he got the skills to defeat his opponent. His fighting style is quite different and I think even Pacquiao will have  a hard time penetrating the defensive shells of this boxer. Now, with the great records of Miguel Cotto, I believe that Mayweather vs. Cotto is a really interesting match that is a must watch.

This is the reason why I buy already a pay per view from Cignal TV which only costs me about P299.99 which is about $7+. Yes, I know you can find a lot of website where you can possibly watch Mayweather vs. Cotto live online on May 5 but I still prefer the PPV. Its much clearer and there’s no fear of pausing or suddenly it stops because of bandwidth issues or it was take down.

Aside from the main event, we can see also Shane Mosley fight again for the Welterweight undercard. Let see if the “old man” can still fight. Well, watch out for it and let’s just hope that we will not be disappointed by the results and the quality of the fights.