Eight months after Steve Jobs died, the Apple co-founder’s vendetta against Google, the company that he once embraced as an ally, remains alive until now. The tension couldn’t be stopped. Right now, the feud between the two of the world’s most influential companies is already escalating and it even grew more intense when Apple dumped Google’s mapping service as a built-in-feature on most of their iPhones and iPads by replacing it with a more convenient app for the people to use. In addition, Apple made it easier for the users of those devices to share their lives on Facebook, instead of Google’s competing social network.

The said snubs is considered to be part of the upgraded mobile operating system that Apple previewed Monday to kick  off its 23rd annual developers conference in San Francisco. Apple sees to it that all their iPad and iPhone users will have the same result in using the application. Apple has designed an alternative new software in replace if Google’s mapping service and this will be installed for mobile devices, iOS 6, but it won’t be available yet until this fall. If you don’t want to let go of the Google Map in which you already get used of, Apple said that it will give you much stress because you will need to find and install the app once more.

This news represents a major blow for Google Inc., which stands lose mobile advertising revenue and valuable insights about people’s whereabouts if users of the popular iPhone and iPad devices switch to Apple’s mapping service. However, they have nothing to do against it but to accept the fact that it is happening.