You can say that this is more likely a shocking and ugly turn of events for the San Antonio Spurs who had it all going during their first basketball games for the Eastern Conference in the NBA 2012! And to tell you the truth, they were like the king of the ring after having a clean sweap in the qualifying round entering the sem’s and the finals with a zero lose record. And when they get to play the first 2 “two” games in the Eastern Finals Conference against the Boston Celtics team, they won two straight games and that it seems like nobody can stop them into getting into that Finals against the Eastern team. But then again, you just never know what’s going to happen next.

Boston Celtics Leads Eastern Conference FinalsThis was like a sudden turn of events for the Miami Heat who’s like started the game with flare taking two consecutive games at their prows. But now, the Boston Celtics were able to come up with a plan, and more like have already figured out that they have more like more than one super star players that can hit double digits and are good both on the offense and defense edge which more or less the reason why they won the Game 5 that game them the 1 game lead.

One more thing! What I said about having more than 1 super star players in the team who can produce points and do good in defense. The once I’m talking about are Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett, guard Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and some of their best starting players in the game who’s made such feat and were able to hang on up until now which is the real power of the Boston Celtics team, said coach Doc Rivers. The Boston Celtics were like overpowered at first, but then they were able to hang in there and that now, they’ve finally turned the table around. That game 5 was one of the proof they were waiting to actually believe that they can win the Eastern Conference Finals even if its Lebron James and Dwayne Wade they will have to contest and will compete in the coming Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.