The latest blow on Clemens acquittal for sports cases might boost the hall bid of the player. Being acquitted in court, Roger Clemens is forced to wait for about half a year before he can discover whether he was able to clear his name in the minds of Hall of Fame voters.

This issue must be surprising but this is what is really happening and this is the best resort that they have decided upon. In any sports cases, those standards for conviction are being cleared in court, less so in baseball, where Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro have been bypassed for the Hall thus far despite distinguished careers.

Many people are planning to vote for Clemens but the voters have already spoken and it is quite evident among their votes on what decision they must follow. ESPN Report and sports analyst Tim Kurkjian even said, “I think the voters have already spoken, with McGwire and Palmeiro. I don’t see him getting into the Hall of Fame as a first-year eligible”. Tim is also planning to vote for Clemens that time, he revealed.

It was on Monday when Clemens was acquitted in the federal court in Washington, D.C., on six counts that he lied and obstructed Congress when he denied that he is using performance-enhancing drugs even while at play. We all know that this is prohibited by the law, especially in the ethics of sports, but still, Clemens was found guilty in such accuse.

“I think everybody believes he was guilty in some form or fashion,” said John Harper of the New York Daily News, who doesn’t plan to vote for Clemens. “I think that’s the real issue as far as voters go. I know that’s an issue for me.”

William Roger “The Rocket” Clemens is an American former Major League Baseball starting pitcher who played 23 seasons in MLB for four teams.