Kevin Durant Guarding Lebron JamesI bet that you’ve been hearing a lot of nosy rumours from what just happened during the Game 1 of the NBA Finals Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder where the Thunder took the lead and won against the Heat 105-94. If you have seen the game, you would actually say and could actually see the difference between these two teams in the finals. I know that this is but too early to predict and that the Miami Heat plays more or less good when it comes to finding their way back into the game after some loses, but you can never tell what the OKC can do in the next and upcoming round.

Game 1 has been like an opener for the Miami Heat, not to mention Lebron James who’s like one of the three NBA stars in the Miami Heat fans are looking forward to in the game, especially now that it’s going to be a match up between Thunder’s Kevin Durant who is told to have been frustrated after not getting that MVP award which was actually been claimed by Lebron. But then again, you just never know what’s going to happen in the game! And this Game 1 was no exception of it!

Kevin Durant played the game as usual, scoring a massive 36 points with a six points differential from Lebron James who just got 30 points in total. There’s also Westbrook here who finished with 27 points for the Thunder and Dwayne Wade who just had 19 points together with eight assists. The thing that made this game 1 a game for the OKC is, Kevin Durant doing some a really good job both on the offense and the defense of the team. If you have notice, it was Durant and Westbrook who gave some pressure against Battier and Chalmers which made them limit their scores with just double digits 17 & 10 points.