Yammer, the Internet startup that has built a social network similar to Facebook for the business world, is planned to be bought by Microsoft for about $1.2 Billion. This plan of Microsoft of buying Yammer serves as the company’s attempt to bring Facebook-like sharing features to its widely used suite of business software applications.

Some of you are probably not familiar with Yammer but for those who knows what it is, Yammer is known for specializing in creating private social networks so employees within the same compay can keep tabs on what colleagues are working on. It is very similar to how Facebook’s online social network allows friends and families to track what is happening in each other’s personal lives. This Social networking site will make sure that you are connected with each other no matter on where you are on earth.

The deal announced Monday comes nearly two weeks after word of Microsoft’s negotiations with Yammer first leaked out in published reports. Yammer provides ways for companies to create private social networks for their employees. It has more than 5 million corporate users. This acquisition only shows the intention of the latest attempt of Microsoft to adapt to a major shift in the technology industry, the one that is fueling the demand for more Internet-connected services and social networking tools.

No one really knows the result of this decision by the Microsoft company, but one thing is for sure, that they are just developing the social-networking site and probably aiming for it to reach the success that Facebook has reached so far or even surpass it. However, the said changes are threatening to marginalize Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, and ultimately reduce  the amount of money coming in from sales of its Windows operating system and a wide range of applications designed primarily for personal computers.