Kevin Durant Standing Out to People's Expectation this NBA 2012 FinalsThe Thunders won the first best of 7 Championship match against the Heat, and the one who lead them to victory was Durant. And now finaly many have noticed Durant’s improvement and because of his good performance, many are now wondering who is Kevin Durant. Right now,┬ámany people starts to acknowledge his skills and even say that he is on the League of Michael Jordan, Kobby Bryant and other NBA stars. But inspite of this Durant remains a secret for all even Wade said that he doesnt know Durant well, Wade said “It’s one of those things where I respect his game, but I don’t know him, either. I know probably just as much as you guys know,”

During the First game Durant fiercly faced the Heat and giving the Thunders their first win, Durant is being matched up with James. Their skills are almost alike, but theres one thing that they dont have in common and thats their personality. Durant is a person that doesnt pay more attention on fame and the spothlight, Unlike James that always entertains interviews and keeps on doing things to heaten up the show. Unlike Durant that only focuses on the game, Durant evan said that “I have faith in all those things that I do day in and day out: Coming in, working hard, believing in myself and my teammates, and believing in the system. Whatever happens after that, it happens, as long as I know that I come in and give it my all every single day, I can’t worry about what other people say or expectations they put on me. It’s just all about how I view myself and how my teammates view me, and we’ll go from there.”

During the their first game against the Heat, Durant showed the MVP James that he can steal the show from him and make it his own eventhough he’s not a MVP he’s got the skills for it. Eventhough James also showed a good performance it was not enough to stop Durant from giving the Thunders their first win.